Your own artificially intelligent robot creatures

Smartphone kit brings 1 or 2 Hexbug Spiders to life. Easy setup.


Coming to Kickstarter on January 24th


How does it work?


Artificial Intelligence

Robot creatures controlled by a new, more lifelike kind of character AI.


Computer Vision

Your phone's camera sees the bots and nearby vision blocks.


Augmented Reality

Through your phone, you see the world as the robot sees it.

What's in the box?

Asset 9@1.5x-100.jpg

Markers & Blocks

Robot markers make your Hexbug Spider visible to your phone. Design the bot's world with vision blocks.


IR Blaster

Allows your phone to control the Hexbug Spiders.


Companion App

The brains of the robot. iOS and Android compatible.

What can they do?


Be Autonomous

Your own robot scampering around, making its own decisions.


Learn & Grow

With interaction, its personality and capabilities will change.


Supports 2 Bots

One kit for two robots! They’ll play together and compete


About us

bots_alive's vision is to develop simple, animal-like robots that seem alive. We are based in Austin and are led by Dr. Bradley Knox, who researched human-robot interaction and artificial intelligence at the MIT Media Lab and at UT Austin after studying psychology at Texas A&M. bots_alive is supported by a National Science Foundation SBIR grant.


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